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Want to know how one multifamily CEO turned an 11-story corporate office building in central Phoenix into the most innovative, state-of-the-art apartment community in the Southwest? 

Want to know how bots are going to take over the world can transform your business by creating more time for you to do the revenue-producing things you need to do?

Think you have something amazing to share with our multifamily audience?

You’re in the right place, friend.

Shows are interviews with forward-thinking executives around innovation, technology, and leadership. We find the most interesting and innovative multifamily executives and extract their knowledge for your benefit.

Please submit the form to be considered for an upcoming interview.  We are producing original shows and content that will include bold and innovative leaders. If that is you, please submit your info.  All show guest are invitation only. Submit the form to request and invitation. 

 Advanced issues found
  • All guest contributed content must focus on our vision to have a positive impact on advancing leadership in Multifamily. 
  • The show will focus on the people side of the business versus the transactional elements of the business. 
  • The emphasis will be on high-quality educational content and not tips, keys, or over-simplified concepts.
  • Guest interviews may not include the promotion of specific products or services. If you have a product to position, we have vendor shows that allow for effective education-based marketing shows. Click here to request an invitation for a vendor show

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